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I've been making games since I was a kid. This is my first attempt at creating an actual portfolio for them. I'm still trying to work out how best to go about that. While I've worked on more games than you can see here, I haven't figured out a way to include them all in a single format. That said, I've been going through my history of game development and have been working on putting the most recent and relevant ones on this page. I've also been adding as many of my games as I can to my profile.

@QuadraTron Games

  • Fish Heads - I was lead developer and creative director for a team of interns I was mentoring over the summer and fall of 2020. Fish Heads is an infinite runner style game that sports a nostalgic "after school cartoon" aesthetic reminiscent of Invader Zim. It was released in early 2021 for iOS, Android, AppleTV, MacOS, and Windows platforms. You can buy the game on Apple's App Stores, Google Play, and
  • Threshold Runner - A little mobile game that utilizes the theme and art assets of the above mentioned Threshold. Built over the course of a month, the game features Unity Ads (video), In App Purchases (iOS App Store & Google Play Store), and player leaderboards (for both Game Center and Google Play). Threshold Runner is available for free on iOS, Android, and AppleTV through Apple's App Stores and Google Play.
  • Super Rock Blasters! - A fun local multiplayer Asteroids / Space War mashup style arcade shooter where you blast friends into smithereens. Available on, Steam, and Nintendo Switch.
  • Threshold - A beautifully hand-painted puzzle platforming game where you play as the cute little gnomish wizard, Hood, who needs to find their way through a series of mysterious doorways. Currently a Work in Progress and being developed with the help of our fantastic interns from local university game development programs.
  • Monsters! - A chaotic dual stick shooter inspired by the classic arcade games Robotron 2084 and SmashTV. Available on both and Steam.

@Team QuadraTron

  • The Juno Escape - An adaptation of The Yukon Escape with new content.
  • The Yukon Escape - A tablet app component of a table top "escape room". The tablet component of the game provides clues and a means for players to record answers and other game content. Used as a training tool for a corporate client.
  • ALICE The Experience - A project we worked on in collaboration with the United Way of PA and Harrisburg University.
  • Shine Adventures (not shown) - A game for teaching young children using a 50 inch Microsoft Tablet computer. Made for Kaplan in collaboration with Little Bird Games.
  • Diagnostic Driving - Team QuadraTron developed a driving simulation prototype used to validate data in the evaluation of drivers.

@Cipher Prime

  • Intake - A retro-futuristic drugstep arcade shooter thats the polychromatic love child of Dr. Mario and Ikaruga. Mostly I worked on the game's user interface, meticulously making sure that every bit of text was exactly the right size and shape.
  • Shim Sham - Smash your opponent to the smooth sounds of classic jazz! In this heads-up competitive game, each player fights for control of their world while battling competing laws of gravity. I was responsible for created several of the arenas over some really late nights of level design.
  • Pulse - An absorbing world where players become part conductor, part note-captor, part multi-touch master. Tap speeding notes as they cross the radiant pulse to conduct gorgeous original melodies. I created two new levels for Pulse, Rim and Dead, which was provided in an update patch. (independent)

  • Arecibo - Arecibo is a timed action puzzler game with a visual aesthetic inspired by the Arecibo Message.
  • Team Rock Blasters (Game Jam Edition) - A 2v2 team game inspired by the arcade classic Asteroids where the two teams compete for points in a game of space rock blasting and gold chunk collecting madness.
  • Team Rock Blasters (Classic Sci-Fi Edition) - I updated the base project (see previous entry) to Unity 2019 to take advantage of Unity's WebGL (HTML) module for playing in a browser. As an added touch, I've given the game a graphics pass, fixed a few bugs, changed the scoring mechanic, added a new original soundtrack, and re-engineered the game state code.
  • Otium - I created this little screen saver program in Unity as an exercise over the course of a couple of days.
  • Wizards! - A dual stick shooter for 1 to 4 players inspired by the arcade classic Robotron 2084. (collaborative)

  • Favor of the Gods - Play as an ancient Greek Hero looking to obtain the favor of the gods. Created during Train Jam 2018 in collaboration with @natalycreates.
  • Silence on the Line - Silence on the Line is a survival horror game that was developed during Global Game Jam 2013. In the game, the player finds themselves alone on a submarine where they are being hunted by deadly spirits.


  • Xibalba Station - A small custom multi-player (1v1) map for Starcraft 2 built with the included Galaxy Editor. Throughout the map, at strategic locations, are hostile creeps. Resources are available in the starting base location as well as in various locations, mostly guarded by hostile creep units. At the center of the map is a "boss" creep, which guards high yield mineral locations as well as the main access choke point to the enemy player's base. Check out a video trailer for the map here.
  • The Red and the Blue - A medium sized custom multi-player (1v1) map for StarCraft 2 built with the included Galaxy Editor. Two factions, Dominion forces (the Red) and James Raynor's rebel marines and mercenaries (the Blue), are pitted against each other in a race to gain control over the installation's key facilities. Each player is awarded points for controlling any of six "flagged" facilities at the installation. The player who has accumulated the most points by the end of the game timer is awarded the victory. Check out a video trailer for the map here.
  • Lastman's Refuge - A medium custom multi-player (1v1) map for Starcraft 2 built with the included Galaxy Editor. Establish control and defend the high ground, you're going to need it! Two to four players battle for control of higher ground as lava surges begin cutting them off from much needed minerals and gas, ultimately engulfing them in molten flames. Lastman's Refuge is a "last man on the hill" style map where the player who solely controls the central "hill" at the end of the game timer wins.


  • WoWPedometer - This AddOn for World of Warcraft will calculate the distance the player's character has traveled, how many "steps" they have taken in that distance, and the amount of "calories" that would have been burned had the player actually run/walked that distance in the real world.
  • WoWPUGBuilder - This AddOn for World of Warcraft which is intended to help players advertise, in various chat channels, that they are looking for players to join their group. It allows the player to select the roles (Tank, Damage, Heal) they need to fill the group, what Dungeon, Raid, Battleground, or Zone the players is looking to do , as well as what chat channels (Yell, Trade, LFG, Guild, and General) they wish the message to be sent to.