I am not a classically trained musician. I've never actually been interested in being one. Rather, I've always considered myself more of a tinkerer. A twister of knobs who also happens to crudely bang on the keys and pads of my instruments. My musical style could be described as a series of sonic experimentations and mishaps produced in realtime with the aid of machines. I never really achieve what I set out to create, but fun and interesting creations happen none the less.

I began dabbling in electronic music in the early 90s, inspired by artists who were creating a variety of different styles, specifically (but not limited to) ambient and techno. Over those early years I was fascinated by the synthesizers and samplers that were the vogue of the time, and eventually managed to build a modest little digital studio for myself. The names Roland, Korg, Nord, Ensoniq, and EMu Systems were a Pantheon of mythical beings that inhabited a temple I built for them rather than the names of brands one could find at the local Guitar Center.

As time progressed, however, much of that hardware gathered dust as the new era of software synthesis became ubiquitous and the standard of the day. The convenience of having an entire studio on a laptop was just too alluring to ignore, and slowly old gods were replace by the new. Mark of the Unicorn's Digital Performer, Ableton's Live, and most prominently, Propellerheads' Reason held most of my interest. Never again would I be a slave to line noise or esoteric recording rituals! As with most things in life, however, we always end up going full circle. That physical hardware is once again peeking my interest. I am currently in the process of rebuilding my studio, though this time I'll find that sweet spot between the hardware and software world.

Below you will find my complete discography of works. Most of my music is released on a indie/net-label I cofounded in 1999 called Zenapolæ, with a few other odds and ends finding their way to my Soundcloud account. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

@Zenapolæ (solo)

@Zenapolæ (collaboration)

@Fuzzy Box