Hello World! I've been a netizen since the early days of the internet and this site (and it's many incarnations) has been around almost as long. Typically, I tinker and dabble in digital technologies and enjoy chatting with folks about computers, science, and technology in general (I know, not that unusual these days). I'm also an avid player of games, both tabletop and computer games (also not that unusual these days). I'm also very much into the DIY aesthetic of the early days of the web, which is why, with all the hosting options available, I still maintain my own server (of various services) and maintain many of my own servies (web, email, etc) from my own little server that lives happily in my basement.

I am a game developer. I started making games on my Atari 800 back when I was a kid in the 80s. Years later I would make it my career. In 2013 I founded QuadraTron Games, an indie game development studio, with much ambition to break into the industry. Since then I've co-founded Team QuadraTron with Christian, where we create custom software solutions using a variety development tools (Unity!).

In 1999 I co-founded an indie record label (which has since evolved into what is archaically known as a net-label) called Zenapolae with my friend Erik and later curated with fellow ambient artist Arnd. I experiment with experimental and ambient electronic music and collaborate with several likeminded artists, with most of my music being released through Zenapolae or my SoundCloud account. I am a supporter of the

For more info about myself and my various projects that may not be covered on this site you can check out my various profiles that I've conveniently linked to under the "home" icon located in the top left hand corner of the navbar. That's pretty much it!


Aside from the standard blog, which you can access by way of the handy navbar menu item above, I will be keeping select portfolios of my creative and technical endeavors on this website. Under the aptly named "Projects" menu item in the navbar you can find links to my game and software development portfolios as well as my music discography. I've also created a category for tech projects that don't really fit well into any of the other groups.

Additionally, this site is a bit of a internet tech hub for many of my DIY server projects. In the navbar, under the heading "zenasprime.net", is a drop down menu with links to some of the services I am hosting locally and that are available either publicly or by personal invitation. These pages will provide users with some inforation about how to connect and use these online services.

Finally, if you would like to send me an email, just click the "eMail" menu item under "Contact" in the navbar above.

I think that just about covers it. Good Luck & Have Fun!